• This option is for you if you've fallen in love with one of our restored images and you want it professionally framed.
  • We print as per Unframed Prints above and then ask our framer to frame in your choice of white, natural oak, chocolate oak or black sustainable timber.
  • Timber frames are 20mm wide and overlap the outer 5mm of the paper on all sides. The depth of the frame is 30mm (ie. the dimension of the frame from the wall to the front of the print).
    Please Note: Framing profiles will change occasionally due to multiple factors. If you are a return customer wanting to match a previous framed print order please check the dimensions above and contact us if need be.
  • Framed Dimensions & Weights
    The larger dimension is the height for a portrait print and the width for a horizontal print.
    A4: Framed size: 240 x 327mm. Framed weight: 0.75kg
    A3: Framed size: 327 x 450mm. Framed weight: 1.15kg
    A2: Framed size: 450 x 624mm. Framed weight: 1.9kg
    B2: Framed size: 530 x 737mm. Framed weight: 2.35kg
    A1: Framed size: 624 x 871mm. Framed weight: 3.25kg
    B1: Framed size: 737 x 1030mm. Framed weight: 5kg
    A0: Framed size: 871 x 1219mm. Framed weight: 5.8kg
    B0: Framed size: 1030 x 1444mm. Framed weight: 10.85kg
    2A0: Framed size: 1219 x 1712mm; Framed weight: 16kg
  • Our framer prefers cast acrylic rather than glass: it is lightweight, virtually unbreakable, has greater optical clarity than glass and provides your print with long term protection from harmful UV rays.
  • Frames are delivered ready to hang.
  • Our framer will dispatch direct to you in professional packaging.
  • We do not ship framed prints outside Australia.

  • Note: Framed prints should not be hung in direct sun due to moisture in the archival pigment inks. If you have a sunny spot we suggest you opt for a stretched canvas or a canvas floating frame instead.