Linen Tea Towel | Van Gogh Cafe Terrace At Night Linen Tea Towel
Linen Tea Towel | Van Gogh Cafe Terrace At Night Linen Tea Towel


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Fabulous tea towels featuring European and Australian retro images printed right here in Australia on quality linen blend fabric.

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Each tea towel measures 70cm x 50cm and comes packaged in an attractive full-colour sleeve.

A wonderful gift idea - lovely quality, natural fibre fabric, they don't cost a fortune and they're easy to wrap and post if need be!

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    • The protective watermark in the centre of our online images will not appear on your tea towel, we promise. It's only there to stop schmucks (one industry schmuck in particular) downloading and reproducing our restored files and original creations.
      • Our tea towels are proudly printed in Australia using 100% natural fibres: linen and cotton. Our 50/50 European blend feels fabulous, washes well and softens beautifully with age.
      • For a short while we produced cotton tea towels, but they never had the superior feel of linen nor washed as well.
      • Microfibre is a cheaper imported product made from non-recyclable plastics. Not only are microfibre tea towels and beach towels not recyclable (you can only re-create more plastic product), but there's evidence that suggests every time these towels are washed they introduce microplastics into the water and into the food chain. Before buying a microfibre product perhaps Google their harmful effects and then do the world a favour and stick to natural fibres.